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Dutch Nomad Family & 
Unstoppable Family

From: The Office / Laptop of Rhonda & Brian Swan, Founders of the Freedom-Preneur Movement


The next 12 minutes can change everything for you… 

ONLY IF… you STOP what you are doing right now and pay attention to every word on this page.

But first...

Let me ask you this...

  • Does living your "Perfect Day" seem out of reach and only for the LUCKY one's?
  • Have you ever dreamed of traveling but the thought of how to make money while you travel seems impossible?
  • Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of information about how to make money online?
  • Have you bought other info-products, courses and “push-button systems” that promise the world but FAIL you every single time?
  • Have you struggled to get QUALITY traffic to your websites that actually convert into sales and commissions in your bank account?
  • Do you feel frustrated at the amount of time and energy you’ve spent trying to make money online with absolutely NOTHING to show for it?
  • Do you ever wish somebody would just give you a simple step by step plan you could actually follow that would create real results?
  • Are you ready to take action and follow a simple step-by-step checklist where all the complicated stuff is already done-for-you and all you have to do is follow the steps?

Well… I’ve got great news for you!

Rhonda: after 11+ years in the Online World, teaching & training 1000’s of aspiring online marketers, I’ve finally created a SIMPLE "Step-By-Step Blueprint" you can follow and create real results… FAST!

You Feel you Can't Figure it Out?

Before I give you my simple and proven “Step-by-Step  Freedom-Preneur Blueprint” I have to share with you the bad news.

There is a lot of “crap” being sold online right now that will never help you.

But there’s something even worse than all the “junk” products and information out there being sold by people who are selling the dream, and LIVING THE NIGHTMARE.

Even the really good products and people's best intentions can leave you confused, frustrated and broke.

Do you ever feel like you’re just desperately “chasing” after the money or event worse, no idea where to find it?

As if it’s always
 just out of reach?

Here’s What You Need to Know Right Now

You don’t need more information.

  • More information is NOT going to get you more money now.
  • More information will make you more overwhelmed & confused
  • More information will only make you unsure of what you should be doing NEXT

More information will give you more options, more possibilities and hence more choices for you to make.

And more choices lead only to confusion.

I know you can relate.

You Don’t Need Any More Info-Products, Hyped Up Biz-Ops,or Scammy "Push Button" Make Money Software...

You Need a SYSTEM!

A simple and PROVEN Step-by-Step Blueprint that you can follow to help you build your brand and create something you can be proud of. 

Just like our members are doing every day!

The Real Problem with Making Money Online is That… Internet Marketing is Complicated!

It’s true.

And no matter what some of these shady hucksters online will tell you… there is no such thing as easy, auto-mated push button income online that takes zero work.

The reality is that… internet marketing does take a lot of work!

AND… there are certain things you simply MUST have in your business if you want to see results.

And I can virtually guarantee that right now you are missing several of these important elements.

That’s why I’ve created my proven Step-by-Step Freedom-Lifestyle System Blueprint.

So you will know exactly what you MUST have and what you don’t need.

So you can stop wasting money on useless info-products and worthless programs and instead FOCUS on just the few simple activities that will actually bring money into your bank account!

And it doesn’t even matter what products, programs or offers you want to promote!

This is about YOU finally knowing the exact blueprint that all the highest paid marketers on the internet are using to rake in commissions day after day.

Just like this:

Exciting thing is.....You can use this blueprint for any  business or product!

We can help you become a FREEDOM-PRENEUR using our system just like thousands of our TRIBE members have over the last 11 years. 

So What Makes This So Different?
Why Should I Listen to You, 
Rhonda, Brian, Tom & Inge?

Rhonda and Brian

My husband, Brian, & I have earned over 7 figure income while traveling the world and raising our daughter since 2008.

I started in the Online World back in 2005 and within the first 12 months had the largest team of distributors in the Northern Hemisphere. Within 6 months, I had replaced my 6 figure corporate income, retired my husband from his engineering job and started traveling the world full time. 

We sell the dream and WE live it, too.  

(Most people are only selling the dream...and living the nightmare)

Read that again...

I’ve trained tens of thousands of aspiring marketers all around the world.

Currently, I am retired at 43.

My full time job is Mother to my daughter Hanalei.

Today making money and building brands is my passion and I have turned that into my business. 

I am an International Speaking, Author, Online Marketer, Business Coach and Sales Trainer to some of the largest companies in the world.

You'll find me traveling with my family hosting LIVE events training and aspiring Online Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to live FREE.

Tom and Inge

We are Tom and I am Inge and together with our 2 children we are the Dutch Nomad Family.

We moved from the Netherlands to Bali more than 5 years ago to spend more time together as a family, live a healthy and balanced life and to have flexibility when and from where we work.

We have multiple streams of income 

and leverage the digital economy.

 We help others to live their own version of freedom as well.

Back in the Netherlands we had the picture perfect life: good jobs, a beautiful house, expensive cars, healthy kids. However, inside there was a voice calling for flexibility and new adventures.

We wanted to be together and show the world to our children, and didn’t want to make work the leading factor in our life. So we moved to Bali and started living in line with these values.

We learned how to build our brand, how to use social media effectively and how to automate our business.

This created the flexibility to live our dream life.

We help you and other families to do the same.

We provide all the knowledge and the steps to take 

to set up your online business 

based on integrity and with a strong foundation, so it will last.

Here is a video of the Dutch Nomad Family and what we stand for: a flexible and fulfilling family life working from anywhere....

See how we combine working, travelling and family life....

We have had the pleasure of learning from highly paid marketers on the Internet. 

In fact, many top internet marketeers got their start through the membership platforms and marketing system that Brian and Rhonda Swan have been a member of since 2005.

You might recognize some of these faces from the last Mastermind...

The most amazing thing has been helping people all around the world to achieve success and finally create the kind of life changing income online that allows you to enjoy residual income, and life on your own terms, your version of a freedom lifestyle. 

Testimonials from the Freedom-Preneur Tribe
Juan Peralta & Brian Swan
"Some of the best "Mindset And Self Confidence Material" "You guys don't know how inspirational and unique you are. I emulate your policy of giving value, helping and being transparent. I'm now part of the leadership of a Latino Entrepreneurship group and spoke to over 300 women on how to start a business. A lot of the mindset and self confidence material I mentioned comes from being part of Freedom-Preneur Tribe!"
"Today, I Signed A $3,000 Contract" "I am SOOO excited and I owe a great deal of thanks to you guys for what you have taught me in the Freedom-Preneur Tribe about branding, niche based marketing and SEO/Keyword search. Today, I signed a $3,000 contract to run a local real estate team's internet marketing, content creation and social media management! We are so close to being able to move back to Thailand full-time! Thank you for believing in me."
Kimberly & Scott Vento - New Orleans
Rosie Lo Grasso
"Firstly Rhonda, your energy and vibration is so positive it's infectious and makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside. Thank you to you and Brian for creating this special space."
"...To become a Freedom-Preneur was the best decision in my life. It’s not only about having a lifestyle you desire ... it is about giving and supporting and most importantly about inspiring people to believe that anything is possible."
Vladka Kadlec  
Monty G. Hooke - Bali, Indonesia
Monty G. Hooke - "If you want to have massive results in your business there is no-one else I can recommend to get you there other than Rhonda and her Freedom-Preneur Tribe."
"Rhonda is the best person to work with when it comes to building your online brand, sharing your story and connecting with your niche."- Jubril Agoro
Jubril Agoro - Miami, Florida
Regina & Mike VanVelden - Bocas del Toro, Panama
"Rhonda & Brian changed our Lives.  They taught us the fundamentals of building a business online and they're guidance has allowed both of us to quit our Jobs and now we've been traveling the world non-stop for the past 2+ Years while working online" Regina & Mike VanVelden
But... There are SERIOUS Challenges
Standing in Your Way Right Now!

Rhonda Swan: let me be very clear…

I Know Exactly What You Need to Succeed Online And it’s a lot more than some hyped-up “push button” program others online are trying to sell you.

If You Want to Make Money Online Here Is What You NEED:
  • A high converting lead capture page to get leads
  • A valuable “lead magnet” to offer your leads
  • A well designed, high converting sales funnel to convert your leads into sales
  • A high converting front end offer to acquire customers
  • A back-end "up sell" funnel to get repeat buyers and increase your profits
  • A high quality email follow up campaign to build a relationship with your leads and get more sales
  • Valuable and engaging content (videos and articles) to build your relationship and convert more sales
  • Additional offers and products to maximize your profits and guarantee you don’t loose money
  • A great source of quality traffic that will bring you unlimited traffic and leads to fuel your business

And that’s just the basics!

The reality is it would take you months to build everything you need to succeed online like those top marketers receiving their awards on stage with me.

And that’s if... you already know what you are doing and know how to build websites and sales funnels.

But What if…
All of the Critical Elements of Your
Online Profits Machine Were
Already Built For You…

What if…

You could simply plug in to our Done-For-You System and leverage all of the critical elements I listed above that are already built for you!

Say GOOD-BYE to worrying about…

  • What you need to do next
  • How to create websites
  • How to build capture pages and sales funnels
  • How to write effective sales copy
  • How to write engaging emails
  • What products or programs to sell
  • How to create your own products
  • Writing endless blog posts
  • Creating hundreds of videos
  • Talking to people on the phone
  • Closing sales and handling objections
  • And much much more...

NONE of that is necessary when you follow my Step-by-Step Freedom-Lifestyle Blueprint System

My goal is to get you taking action today and starting to 
see results by the end of next week!

How to Get Started Today and
Start Getting Leads and Sales Fast…

Let me share with you the Simple 3 Step Process I'll share with you in the blueprint TODAY so you can start banking the commissions our TRIBE members enjoy every day…

Plug Into the System

Plug in to the system and select one of our high converting done-for-you lead generating sales funnels to use.

Send Traffic

Send traffic from one of our favorite traffic sources to start getting leads & sales. Don't worry we'll teach you HOW!

Let the System Work It's Magic

Let our system do all the heavy lifting, start earning commissions from any of our multiple streams of income, all while you plug into our training and “earn-as-you-learn”.
*Results Not Typical
Introducing the “Step-By-Step” Proven
"Freedom" Lifestyle Blueprint 

In this revolutionary training I am going to reveal to you The Exact “Formula” used by all of the highest paid marketers online.

You don’t need to learn a ton of new advanced skills and techniques.

That takes far too much time and energy.

You need to see results!


That’s exactly why I am going to give you my blueprint so you can start cashing in affiliate commissions starting next week and finally create that dream internet lifestyle you deserve!

Here's Just a Sample of What's Inside the Blueprint
  • The 5 Critical Elements that you absolutely MUST have in your online business if you truly want to make a profit
  • The ONE biggest obstacle standing in the way of your success right now… and how to easily make it a thing of the past by using our system and done-for-you campaigns we’ve created
  • How to easily earn multiple streams of income like the top marketers do by promoting just one single website
  • How to use and leverage the valuable blog posts, videos, and webinars from 6 & 7 figure marketers as your own to build incredible engagement with your leads and convert more sales
  • How to use bonuses (you don’t even have to create) to instantly create added value in your offer and get more sales
  • The one traffic source used by all top marketers online that will get you instant traffic, leads and sales that are laser targeted for your offer and ready to buy
  • How to start building your email list and earning commissions without even having your own website or blog
  • The ONE hidden truth none of the marketing gurus will tell you, that’s responsible for 60-80% of their PROFITS… and how you can add this HUGE revenue boosting element to your business as well
Here's What You Need to Do Next...

Download the Blueprint & Check List

Purchase the Freedom-Lifestyle Blueprint and get instant access to the tutorials, blueprint & check list

Complete the Training

Go through the tutorial videos so you understand the critical elements and the step-by-step blueprint

Follow the Check List

Start on step one of the check list and follow each step in order. Complete the steps and you will boost your business!

The Blueprint will outline exactly what you need to do next and how you can get this Done-For-You System working for you by the end of the week! 

By the time you have completed the check list you will have your own lead generating, multiple streams of income producing marketing system, building your email list, growing your influence and 
earning you affiliate commissions on auto-pilot.

Can You Follow These Simple Steps?

Look... you can keep doing what you’ve been doing… keep spinning your wheels spending hundreds of dollars on useless info-products…


You can get My Proven Blueprint and simply follow the steps to create a real and sustainable online income just like the top marketers have.

And You'll Also Receive These
"Over-The-Top" Bonuses for FREE!
The 12 Month Branded Marketing Plan

One of Rhonda's most VALUABLE exclusive tutorials and exercise where we complete your very own custom designed online business & marketing plan to get you RESULTS!

  • 99% of marketers FAIL online because they don’t have a plan and don't know what to do next
  • Instantly overcome confusion, frustration and overwhelm by focusing on the most important business building activities.
  • Quickly gain clarity and design a plan so you know EXACTLY what you need to do next
  • Save yourself thousands of dollars of wasted money by never buying unnecessary info-products and courses.
  • And much, much more...
31 minute Video Exercise -
 How to "Create your Perfect Day"

This could be the Most Valuable Exercise of your Entire Life... 

Brian: why do I say that.....because it was for me 10+ years ago.  

This Exercise spawned our "Around the World" Journey which we've been working online and Traveling non-stop as a Family since 2008.  

If Money wasn't a Factor....how would  you answer the following questions?

  • Where in the World would you CHOOSE to LIVE? 
  • What would your house look like?
  • What would you do for personal fulfillment?
  • What would your Business / Work look like?
  • What is your relationship like?
  • And much, much more...
$47 VALUE 
9 Tips for Using Instagram for Business

This Exclusive Guide complete with Tutorial Videos Will Teach You Exactly What YOU Need To Do On Instagram EVERYDAY to Build Your Page, Create A Legion Of Loyal Followers AND Generate 30-40 Leads Every Day!

  • Ethically steal this proven daily Instagram strategy to generate 30-40 leads daily for FREE
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions to quickly and easily get started on Instagram even if you have zero tech skills
  • Discover the dead simple content strategy - what to post, how often and the optimal times of day
  • How to use hashtags to laser target potential customers for your business and turn them into commissions and PROFITS!
  • And much, much more...
Facebook - Cracking the Ad Code 

Ultra Easy FB Cheat Sheet Created by a 7-figure Facebook Marketer That Will Teach You Exactly What To Do to Create a Massive Audience AND Pull in Hot Laser Targeted Leads and Sales for Your Business

  • The proper way to use Facebook so you DON’T get your account shut down like so many online marketers that have no clue
  • Why you should NEVER promote any business opportunity on Facebook and HOW to easily get around Facebook’s rules and play their game to benefit big time!
  • The new strategies for 2017 that are critical to succeed on Facebook - 99% of marketers are still following “outdated” strategies
  • The ONLY way to get cheap clicks and leads on Facebook WITHOUT getting banned
  • The SINGLE most important thing you MUST do when creating your ads to guarantee that you pay the lowest price every time!
  • And much, much more...
The Truth About Traffic

In this rare and exclusive 2 hour presentation, my good friend and 8 figure online marketer reveals the myths and mistakes that most online marketers are making that keeps them struggling to get traffic… while the smart marketers know that “getting traffic is easy!”

  • Why 99% of online marketers LOOSE MONEY paying for traffic and the ONE thing you must do BEFORE you start getting traffic
  • Why focusing on the c______ and the e______ of your business is much more important than focusing on traffic
  • The secret formula to getting instant traffic on demand and never have to pay a dime out of your own pocket
  • How to scale your business from a $136 a month to over $344,657 per month
  • The RIGHT things you must focus on when advertising your online business that will let you spend less and make a LOT more
  • Why you MUST strategize your marketing BACKWARDS to how you might think and how this shift will get you more traffic, leads and sales INSTANTLY
  • And much, much more...
$197 VALUE
CASE STUDY: How to Earn $6644.60 with Just 186 Visitors

You don’t need tens of thousands of website visitors when you understand HOW TO CONVERT leads into sales! 

In this 22 minute Case Study tutorial I walk you through the specific step-by-step process I took to start a brand new affiliate income stream from scratch and
earn $6640 with only 186 website visitors.

  • Understanding one of the MOST important numbers in your online business and how it relates to YOU earning more money
  • The #1 reason 95% of online marketers struggle to make a profit
  • The exact 7 step process I use to get high conversions on all my offers WITHOUT a lot of traffic
  • I’ll show you the exact content I used for my marketing and how to use it to create trust and authority with your visitors
  • I’ll show you the exact ad campaigns I ran on Facebook to generate the traffic, leads and sales
  • BONUS: You’ll learn the “advanced” strategy that virtually guarantees you improve your sales conversions on ANY offer
  • And much, much more...
$197 VALUE
The INSTANT Money Multiplier Secret

In this short “Game Changing”  training, I show you the ONE big shift you MUST make that will Instantly Multiply the amount of money you are making right now.

  • Why the advice to “Find someone who has what you want and just do what they did to create success” is the WORST piece of advice you can follow
  • The “Hidden” reasons why you have struggled to make a lot of money - and how to quickly “get on the right path”
  • The secret knowledge that will allow you to make a LOT more money by working a lot LESS
  • The ONE shift I made that took me from 6 years of struggle and failure to making $2.2 million online in 12 months!
  • And much, much more...
So How Much Is This
Going To Cost Me?

We want to see you finally succeed like so many of our students have.

But you’ll never stand a chance if you don’t get your hands on this blueprint TODAY.

That’s why, for a very limited time, we are going to offer you a massive discount to remove any obstacles from you getting this information today… especially price!

We could easily sell this blueprint all day long for $197.
Even at $97 this would be a steal.

But we are going to make this the easiest decision you’ve ever had to make.

So, for a very limited time, you can get the entire Freedom-preneur Blueprint PLUS all of the EXCLUSIVE Fast-Action BONUSES for just a one-time payment of $7.

But we want to reward the Action Takers.

All of our most successful students have ONE thing in common:
When they see a great opportunity... THEY TAKE ACTION.

So if you Get The Blueprint Today... and Act Right Now... 

You can get access to EVERYTHING for the STEEP discounted price of just $7 one-time!

That's it!

You Can Get The Entire "Step-By-Step"
Freedom-Preneur Blueprint System PLUS ALL of the Fast Action BONUSES 
Only $7
100% Risk Free Purchase. All Our Products Come With A
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If FOR ANY REASON you are not 100% satisfied with the quality and content of the Blueprint you are fully protected with my Zero Risk, No Questions Asked, 100% Refund Guarantee. You have a FULL 30 DAYS to try out the product and if you are not satisfied simply ask for a full refund!
I Will Take On 100% of the Risk
With My 30 Day Full Money Back GUARANTEE

I am so certain of the profit-producing life changing benefits of my training that I always gladly offer the following GUARANTEE…

Take a FULL 30 DAYS to complete the training and start applying the information in your business and if you are not 100% satisfied with the content and training I will happily send you a full-refund of your investment and you can KEEP the training and the bonuses as a token of my appreciation just for trying it out!

The risk is squarely on my shoulders so that you have absolutely NOTHING to loose!

Act Fast and Get The Entire "Step-By-Step"
"Freedom-Preneur" Lifestyle Blueprint
PLUS $602 Worth of Fast Action BONUSES
Only $7
Right Now You Have 2 Choices:

1.  You can go back to chasing after “shiny-objects”, wasting your hard earned money on more scams, get-rich quick programs, and the next business opportunity, endlessly spinning your wheels, losing more money and more time.


2.  You can finally learn what it REALLY takes to succeed online and start building a REAL sustainable and profitable online business just like the tens of thousands of students I’ve trained over the years.

If you are flat out tired of failing and are truly ready to plug into and leverage what we have already built for you then you need to get my Blueprint TODAY!

Remember: You are fully protected by 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

You have NOTHING to loose here.

Simply take action RIGHT NOW… and for a few dollars TODAY you can be on your way to creating the true freedom and lifestyle you desire and deserve!

To Your Success,

Rhonda, Brian Hanalei Swan
aka the "Unstoppable Family"

P.S. If you’ve read this far, I know you are truly serious about creating success online and I am more than excited to work with you and show you exactly how my students have built 6, 7 and even 8 figure businesses following the steps in The Online Profits System Blueprint!

Take Action Today and Claim Your Fast Action Bonuses and Steep Discount before the price goes back up!

Only $7
100% Risk Free Purchase. All Our Products Come With A
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If FOR ANY REASON you are not 100% satisfied with the quality and content of the Blueprint you are fully protected with my Zero Risk, No Questions Asked, 100% Refund Guarantee. You have a FULL 30 DAYS to try out the product and if you are not satisfied simply ask for a full refund!
Copyright 2016 Dutch Nomad Family
Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and it's potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don't apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. What we are saying is RESULTS ARE NOT TYPICAL. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.
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